Learning how to one-hand tie your shoes after your stroke!

I was in a sub-acute care facility 6 weeks after I had the strokes. My world was still upside down, and I was slowly figuring out how to live my life day by day. I had a long way to go, but I was progressing! 

Have you been in this place where you want to get back to “normal” after your stroke? I had people help me get dressed every day, including tying my shoes. I longed to learn how to tie my shoes like before the strokes. Then I met a wonderful soul who was ready to teach me.

One of my training sessions was with Linda, an occupational therapist. She wasn’t a regular. She only worked occasionally on weekends. Lo and behold, she began to teach me how to tie my shoes with one hand. When she finished coaching me, I could tie my shoes almost the way before the strokes. It was a miracle!

Two additions I want to add to the instructions from using this technique for almost 12 years. First, this is important before you re-lace your shoes. Start lacing it with an eyelet closest to where your big toe will be in the left shoe. Then start with the eyelet closest to where your big toe will be in the right shoe. Complete lacing with the last outside eyelet (the little toe side). That way, when you tie your shoe, the lace doesn’t get in the way while you are walking.

Secondly, if the laces are normally long, cut off a section before you tie the end into a knot. These directions will make more sense when you are ready with the first one, which has the lesson for one-handed tying shoes.

I will leave the nitty-gritty on the how-to in the resource below. Again, it is the first one listed. The other two sources give you the tips to live your life independently and successfully. If you are tired of waiting until someone can make time to button your shirt, learn from the experts. It is worth the investment in the short term because you will save hours of time in the long run. And you will thank me!

Sources: https://humantouchot.com/the-one-handed-shoe-tying-technique/ https://www.neurorehabdirectory.com/great-one-handed-strategies-functional-tasks/ & https://thestrokethrivers.blogspot.com/2010/10/tips-and-tricks.html

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