I was out of power for over 24 hours!

My family’s home had high winds yesterday. I was ready to go into the second of a three-day seminar. Smash! The wind had blown down our large maple tree that took out our power and the internet connection. It also took out about 300 families’ power and internet connection.

It is the start of winter in the Midwest of the USA. Down wires meant that we didn’t have electricity to run our furnace (blown hot air heating). It was clear it was going to take at least a day for the power company to fix it.  After some discussion, my wife and I decided we would split our forces. She would take our two young men to a hotel and I was going to brave it in our house with Sparky, our rat terrier mix.

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When I realized I would not be able to do my blog like I had to do it every day for almost 5 months, I had to do something for a post. I couldn’t figure out how to do a piece for my website. With my dying cellphone, I could get a brief post out on my Facebook account. 

I had made a commitment with myself that I would post every day. It started as a fun challenge for me. Now I knew that it meant that I would write something meaningful EACH DAY. It’s like we want to fast today. We do it because of something larger than us. For us, it means something religious, for our body detoxification, or for our weight loss. We do it not because we want to do it.

I grasped that posting will be a great exercise for me. Maybe I would help one person who needed to get the info in my post. Who knows? I will do my commitment until next September and I will reassess. Perhaps I will continue? I will see what life presents me. Just like you. 

I am rooting for you. Do the best you can. It may mean that you are in pain, but you are in pain just a little less than last week. You may get out of bed and get into your wheelchair when you do not want to. But you did! Just care for some else and keep on keeping on. I know I care for you. You matter. And you are important!

If you or someone you know had a stroke, steer him or her to the resources I provide. They can go to my YouTube channel (thestrokerecoverycircle), join our community at The Stroke Recovery Circle on Facebook groups, or they can join my blog and enjoy my past blogs at www.success4lifetime’org.

Thank you! To your success!










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