The extraordinary people who made a distinctive impact on you!

Do you have a special person that went above and beyond to address the issues that your stroke caused? Think about all the speech, occupational or physical therapists you have had since you had your stroke. Maybe you had other therapists to provide specialized therapy. Does anyone stand out from the pack? 

I have had almost a hundred therapists over the years since the strokes happened. I have had physical, occupational, and speech therapists because of the particular symptoms I had (and still do). From the fill-in therapists to one in particular I had to perform therapy for me for over 6 years. 

I would use a hospital system until my medical benefits would be exhausted for that year. I would repeat it again next year. Luckily I have the luxury of having 5 or 6 excellent hospital systems within an hour of driving. I even flew to California to work with a therapist. I live in Michigan which is a 5-hour flight to California. They are states in the United States of America.

We know that the vast majority of therapists are truly exceptional people. Can you pick out the one person or two persons that made a unique difference? I cannot narrow it down because so many therapists made a difference in my life. I may not remember the individual, but I will still do some of the skills or tips that they gave to me. For example, when I was still staying in one of the subacute facilities, an occupational therapist taught me a tip. She showed I can tie my shoes in a particular way so I can do it with one hand. I still use it today. The strokes (and the therapist) happened almost 12 years ago. Sweet!

I hope you have the same challenge paring down to find the few who had made a difference for you. My hat is off to the top-quality therapists who dedicate their lives to making a difference to stroke patients throughout the world!

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