Hold on to your hobbies that you still can!

Do you practice the same hobbies today that you had before your stroke? I know that I can still do some of the pastimes that I had before the strokes.  In addition to reading, walking my dog, and learning, I can still do fly-fishing. With some modifications!

I used to fly fish every May. I would go up north with some veterinarians to the Au Sable River. You may have heard of this place. It is because the group Trout Unlimited was founded by some men who fished the Au Sable River. It is in Northern Michigan, a state in the United States of America, in case you aren’t from Michigan. 

If you don’t know anything about fishing, flies are just small artificial lures or flies. That is what it means to say, fly-fishing. There are a zillion different patterns and sizes. Anything that will fool the crafty trout or other types of fish. 

Wait a minute – I recorded a live video session about my story earlier today. It’s raw as I’m learning to communicate with you. If you are in the same place as I was in last year, let me know, and we will have a conversation! Just remember, your feedback is like gold to me! Please put your comments below. Back to the post.

After about 7 years after the strokes, I began to fly fish again. We would get some guides who would take us down the river fly-fishing in Au Sable boats. The Au Sable Riverboat was originally built in the 1870s. This original design remains unchanged today. It provides a comfortable and pleasant fly-fishing for one or two people and a guide.

The guide was great because I am a one-armed fisherman. I could still fly cast the fly, but it was almost impossible to tie on a fly, and I would need some help if I caught a fish. The guide allowed me to still fish.

In 2019, at the start of our day fishing, I was “just practicing” fly casting with a fly. Lo and behold, I caught the largest fish I’ve ever caught in the Au Sable. You can see in an attached photo of the fish.

Do you have any of your hobbies you can do after your stroke? I do. Hold on to your vision that you will still practice a hobby that is darn near impossible now. I am still holding on to when I can go snow skiing again. Someday!

I think I figured out how to change the name of my YouTube channel. Now it is thestrokerecoverycircle. It is the same name as the Facebook group The Stroke Recovery Circle, minus the spaces. Give it a look. You can see the video titled “Can you cope better after your stroke?” Ask yourself if you can!

Thank you! To your success!












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