Your health depends on it!

After you had a stroke, the last thing you want to deal with is what food you are going to eat. I didn’t pay attention to my food for the first few years after the strokes. It turns out, that our food is essential to our health. It’s true; garbage in, garbage out. The opposite is true as well. Great food in, amazing health comes out. 

There are 4 rules I use in deciding what I am going to eat. I use them as guidelines for deciding what I am going to put in my mouth. Check them out & consider adopting one or all of them!

1. Is it live food (or was just alive)?

2. Does it have minimal or no added sugar?

3. Where was the food grown, produced, or processed?

4. Does the food contain ingredients you can understand and pronounce? (And how many different ingredients are there in the food?)

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Let’s go through these rules one by one. First, I attempt to eat food that’s been alive at some time in the near past. Also, I would love that if it is frozen, it is flash frozen. It means the food is fresher than a Twinkie that was “baked” a couple of years ago.

Second, I look at the food label to find out if it had much sugar added to it or if the food is sweet? I pass on food if it has more than 10 grams of sugar or 20 grams of carbohydrates. There are lots of other foods to choose from. FYI, I practice low-carb food plan. You may decide to have more grams for you. Beware that carbohydrates will be the cigarettes of the future. I believe it is the reason we are fatter and have more diabetes.

The third rule asks “where is the food from?”  This guide is to be aware that the food can be local, from your state, providence, or territory, or from your country. If much of your food is from places far away, realize that you can make new decisions. In general, if you eat more of your food from places closer, then it is better all the way around.

The last decision is to eat simple foods. Eat food in which you can recognize and pronounce the ingredients. Food that has lots of multiple ingredients, especially you do not know what the ingredients are for, stay away! Usually, multiple ingredients mean it is heavily processed. 

Those are the 4 parameters I use when I choose my food. Sometimes I eat a meal that breaks all the rules. You can choose for yourself. Your health is what is at stake.

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