3 kinds you need to have and 1 kind you don’t need!

I “met” Anthony Trucks speaking at a virtual event this spring (2021). I saw his post and I thought about you, the stroke thivor! 

We need to surround ourselves with the three types of people Robert declared. They are:

  •  The cheerleader
  • The teacher
  • The coach

In the face of trauma and heartache after a stroke, we sure crave a cheerleader or two to keep our spirits up through the thick and thin. Our therapists are there as our teachers who keep pushing us to re-learn skills that our brain and body “forgot.” Finally, our coaches give us tough love because they believe we are going to do our recovery!

We have to beware of the one kind of person that Robert told us: the doubter. They will sap our energy, and they will say our big dreams aren’t possible. We should be happy with the status quo. We must steer clear of them or minimize our time with them.

Anthony Trucks is a shift coach, changer, and manager of shifts for his clients and followers. He used to be a professional football player, but it didn’t turn out like he thought it would. I could tell he was on fire and I would learn things from him. I have followed him on Instagram since then, and I get nuggets from him all the time.

Check out him at his website, https://anthonytrucks.com/, or follow him on Instagram at roberttrucks. His post is at https://www.instagram.com/p/CWbSQCvlC39/

When we are surrounded by the right people and keep the wrong people away, our stroke recovery looks a lot brighter!

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