It is important to know your #1 passion in life!

Did you lose your passion for life? Did you waiver in one particular (or two or three) area? I can imagine that your stroke derailed everything and messed up your appetite for living. It was for me. The strokes flipped my life on my head! I lost much of my passion for my previous life. Slowly I have found new passions. Is there now something that you are passionate about?

Before the strokes, I loved snow skiing. I had been skiing for over 40 years. I moved out to be a ski bum in Colorado in the USA. It is one of the Meccas of skiing and snowboarding. I worked one winter season for Keystone Ski Resort and the Arapahoe Basin Ski Area. They are run by the same company. I was in heaven. For someone from Michigan in the Midwest of the USA, I found I was fascinated by the mountains. 

I worked during the evening. It left my days to ski until 2 pm. I would ski 6 or 7 days a week. I would have 2 days together during the week and I would ski over Colorado’s numerous ski slopes. I was popular with my friends in Michigan and they came out in droves to vacation and ski. It was a blast!

I found with the differently-abled traits I have after the strokes, my snow skiing passion was on the back burner for the time being. My new passion is learning how I can take my new life and new capabilities and use them differently. I have always been curious so I use this passion toward figuring out how I can be more successful after the strokes. I am using this passion to help you, other stroke thivors, and their loved ones. It is electrifying to know I can help even one person. It is very satisfying!

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