You are either more successful or less successful. Which one?

The American HeritageĀ® Dictionary defines successful as having a favorable outcome. Do you ever wonder about your life as successful? Even sometimes. 

After the stroke, we need to re-learn so many tasks we once did easily. We forgot about the learning we did as a toddler or a youngster or an adult. Yet, we have done those tasks as successful today. 

Are you remembering all the jobs you cannot do now? You need to take a rest. Step back and answer the question I originally asked you. What is your definition of successful after you had a stroke? Imagine if you ask a person that is viewing you as your day, your week, or the year goes by. What would she say about your life as successful?

Give yourself a break! You are still in the game. You are having favorable outcomes today. Never mind the tasks you cannot do. Recognize that you are more successful than just after you had your stroke. Just keep seeing yourself or telling yourself or knowing yourself as successful. Rinse and repeat over and over. You will start to tell yourself you are more successful. You are finding that you like it. Try it!

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