It rewires and trains your nervous system faster!

You ask yourself, “Will this help me?” A great question! Does this new “game” make a real difference in your stroke recovery? Continually, I am searching the stroke recovery news. I look at the information attempting to find the answer for you and me. I am combing for the magic bullet. If I can’t get that, I will find the item that will revolutionize or improve our stroke recovery.

There was a piece of recent news that caught my attention. It was about a “game” called MindPod. It’s a “game” that includes the gear you wear and the software and base equipment. This “game” represents a new type called digital therapeutics. “Digital therapeutics refers to a software-based intervention. It’s not just digital information or digital monitoring, it’s an alternative treatment option based on software,” said John Krakauer, MD, professor of neurology, neuroscience, and physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland.

MindMaze, a large international healthcare company, has combined Dr. Krakauer and his team to bring out this new technology. MindPod is the world’s first “neuro-animation’ where you immerse yourself. It focuses on your brain repair through high intensity and high dose movements to accelerate your healing. Krakauer explains that our nervous system is open to games used as therapy. We want to learn! “It’s an experience-dependent plastic system.” It rewires and trains the nervous system, especially when we had a stroke.

The Pixar-like game uses motion-sensitive cameras to track the movements made by a patient’s arm to direct a dolphin across a floor-to-ceiling screen to catch fish. Small-scale trials of MindPod show it is twice as effective as conventional rehabilitation for patients with an impaired arm. This is only available in large intuitions now. Stay tuned to this exciting development as it unfolds!


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