I am SO grateful that am alive!

That is a funny question. After we had a stroke, we are attempting to learn again and tell our left side from our right side. I imagine you are just trying to figure out the basics during this scary time, or you had to do this in the past. Maybe this is the time we need to ask ourselves a new question.

Can you ask yourself if there is something you can do now that you could not do right after your stroke? Can you walk? Can you wheel yourself in your chair down to get your mail? Is there something with your body that is working now? If your affected arm is painful, is your non-affected arm pain-free?

By asking yourself new questions, you will get new answers. If you ask yourself these new questions over and over, you will start getting better answers over and over.

While we’re on the topic of new questions, I want to ask you if you will please give me your comment below. It is really important! Back to your “station!”

Now, almost 12 years after the strokes, I realize every day that I am breathing and kicking. This is another day that I can do something, even tiny, to move my hand or my leg in a fresh way. To do something new. That is why I am grateful today. Try it, and you will find a new item to be grateful for!

I interrupt your chain of feelings to remind you to watch my other videos on my YouTube channel (drbcalhoun@gmail.com). Check out my video titled “Have you been more emotional now after your stroke?” You may find this video appealing. Sometimes, you wonder why your dad cries all the time after he had a stroke.

Thank you. To your success!









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