No matter how small or simple, it still means a celebration to you!

Have you ever had a day in which nothing seems to go right? I have. All of a sudden, you do something simple that is right, and you celebrate it. For example, you try to open a drawer with your affected hand, and you did it! It seems simple to 99.9% of the population. But you know it was special. It is the building blocks you know that you will do it again… and again…and you’re on the way to doing it “normal.”

I was curious if others in one of the stroke groups would celebrate something simple. I know that group members tend to forget to celebrate their progress. That is unless you or I would ask them to pause and write in about their growth.

I have been writing down what I needed to do for that day for about three months. It seemed like a little thing, but I have found that when I go to bed, I am more satisfied with my day than before when I depended on my memory. My memory isn’t what it was before the strokes. 

Excuse me…wait a minute…Tell me if this item is hitting your funny bone the right way! Let me know in the comments below. Now you can return to your memo.

Here are others who are stroke thivors (stroke survivors who are thriving) who celebrate. One got his GED (high school diploma equivalent) and a college degree after he had a stroke a long time ago. Another man writes out 5 things he wants to finish each day. If they all get done, it makes him happy!

Another stroke patient had got a puppy about a month ago. She said, “I’ve been walking the puppy. I am on my feet so much more. I’m fighting the exhaustion to do everything she needs!!” Wow, that’s worth celebrating.

One stroke warrior keeps a journal. She tracks her routine tasks and checks them off when it’s completed. Another has a gratitude box that he puts a note in for each week. He writes something he is the most grateful about. Then his wife does the same.  On New Year’s Day, they spend time opening up the box and reviewing the gratitude notes from the year. It highlights the successes of the year. They can celebrate their small and big wins. 

A woman wrote in that she cleared out her refrigerator that she had put off for two years. She mentioned that it reminds her of what is possible in the future. One man stated that he had filled his pill case by himself. His fine motor skills are a work in progress. It was a celebration!

Another stroke patient who cannot drive is proud that she can go anywhere she needs or wants to go on public transportation or the shared drive (e.g. Uber). She is so glad that she doesn’t have to ask others to take her places she wants to go. A man drove to his doctor’s appointment alone so his spouse could work. A woman went bowling recently. It was hard, but still, she had a great time with friends.

Go to thestrokerecoverycircle. It’s my YouTube channel. I renamed it. Remember, it is the same name as my Facebook group. Visit it and join it. Why do you look at my recent video? It’s titled “Have you wondered what is next after your stroke?”  That way you can have your purpose! Try it! 

Thank you. To your success!










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