The 5 items I Do Every Day

Have you developed a routine or habit that you do every day? What are the one, two, five, or more tasks that you do daily? I have developed my daily practice over time since I had the strokes. Here they are:

1. Drink a large glass of water soon after I wake up.

2. Take my medicines (warfarin included), vitamins, and supplements.

3. Read to feed my mind. (I read inspirational materials and books that expand my know-how.)

4. Interact with my stroke groups on social media.

5. Walk my dog.

There are more things that I do most days. I attempt to expand my spiritual and inspirational mind, my physical body, my emotional state, my mental fitness, and my attitude. It is important that I grow even a little bit in these several spheres. What do you do to grow yourself regularly?

Give me a “high five” if this tip is valuable to you. I’d love your feedback. Please leave your comments below.  Thank you. To your success!







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