Welcome to my first entry into the blog sphere! My name is Brent Calhoun. I am a veterinarian, a husband, a father to two sons, a dog pet owner, and a stroke thivor (a patient or survivor)! 

I was a part-owner & the Hospital Administer of a large, multisite specialty & emergency practice. I live in the suburban Detroit area of Michigan in the United States.   I love being outside in nature, keeping healthy, reading, and excelling in whatever I decide to be a focus for life.

This website is dedicated to living your and my life for success…every day we are still living on this planet. I first envisioned making this website over a decade ago. I was doing the daily hard work of living, but I imagined the way I could be more successful & help others be more successful. 

Suddenly it happened; my life got flipped upside down by two life-altering strokes in January 2010. Over the two days when I had the two strokes, my life was completely different. I was paralyzed on the right side of my body. I could barely make words I was thinking and feeling out loud. I thought it was horrible. Then I realized, it was now my new normal.

I will tell of my new journey and other musings over the next weeks and years. Also, my friends, colleagues, and co-workers will give their thoughts and feeling to make your and our lives more successful. I believe this is the reason for living! Strap on the rocket and join us.

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