Is there one particular therapist who made a difference with you after your stroke?

Were you confused or scared when you knew you had your stroke? Did you realize that some parts of you weren’t working? I was scared and I would believe I was in a nightmare and I would wake up soon. After a few weeks, I grasped that this was my new existence. 

I knew that some part of me would start working again soon. Over the next 6 months since the strokes, I got back many functions of my body. I could eat and swallow again after about 1 week. I could urinate when my bladder told me I had to go to the bathroom after about 3 weeks. I went from being in a wheelchair to a walker to a wide base cane to a narrow base cane to no cane in about 5 months!

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I worked with an exceptional physical therapist for around 6 years in my home. His name is Paul and he’s been doing neurologic care in hospitalized patients for 28 years. Also, he provides the patient and family with the training and education that is needed. He helps the patient and the family be ready for when the patient returns home or transfers to another long-care facility.

He told me about two young patients that were unusual in the severity of their ailment. They had ruptured aneurysms. The one was 26 years young and the other person was 44 years young. Thankfully, after hospitalization for some time, both were able to return home.

He loves interacting and working with his patients. He gets to be a part of the progress in their recovery. He helps them physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Vital! He feels that physical therapy is a terrific occupation. There is a multitude of specialties a therapist can go into. With the growing technology, it is ever-changing and is an excellent lifelong career for the right person. 

Do you know of one therapist that is remarkable? I know you have stories similar to mine. Isn’t your hat off to the exceptional therapists? My hat is off to the top-quality therapists who dedicate their lives to making a difference to stroke patients throughout the world! 

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