Laugh if it’s funny!

I know that research shows us laughter is good for our health. It helps our brain and many of our organs. Laughter enhances our intake of oxygen-rich air and stimulates our heart, lungs, and muscles.  It increases the feel-good substances released by our brains and are used all over our bodies. Also, it activates our stress response, and it relieves us. All from laughing!

Unfortunately, there is a gap between the number of times the average child laughs each day and an average adult laughs each day. In the USA, children are laughing between 300-400 times every day. The number for the average adult is 26. The difference is huge.

Sometimes strokes are associated with a decline or loss of a stroke patient’s sense of humor. The vast majority of stroke thivors have their language function located in one area of the brain, but humor is predominantly controlled by another area of the brain, opposite the language side. It can make a difference in your stroke side effects.

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I love to listen to episodes of Joel Osteen. He is a nondenominational minister of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas in the USA. I get a kick from his corny jokes at the beginning of each segment he gives. For example, he told about a group of children from a Catholic elementary school who were in the cafeteria for their lunch. At the start of the line, there was a big bowl of apples. A nun had written a note by the apples. It said, “Take only one; God is watching.” At the end of the line, there was a large platter of chocolate chip cookies. One of the children had written a note which said, “Take all you want; God is watching the apples.”

Whenever you get the chance, laugh! If you practice more, you will get back to when you were a child, and laughed hundreds of times a day. Then your laugh button will start working again!

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