What are your two favorite subjects?

Hello – I’m Brent Calhoun. I am a veterinarian. I had 2 strokes in 2010. Two of my most favorite subjects – my dog Sparky and healthy habits. We adopted our dog 8 years ago when he was an adult. We figured he was about 2 years young. He adopted me because I was at home most of the time. One of the side effects of the strokes. He is the love of our life. He is a terrier mix and though he weighs only 13 pounds, he acts like a Rottweiler!  

My second favorite subject is healthy habits. So it makes sense, I wanted to feed him something healthy. As a veterinarian, I am torn with what to feed him. I want to feed him dry food. The dry kibble helps slow the tartar build-up on the teeth. But to bake the dry kibble, the food has to have a higher level of carbohydrates. If it is too low, the kibble doesn’t bake. That meant the dry food that is available for sale to the consumer has lower protein and fat than I want to see. Maybe I have to create my own dog food!

As a side note, when anyone talks about food, there are three classes that makeup food. There are fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. I am convinced that the reason we have seen cancers shoot up over the past 30 years, in both us and our pets, has been because of the high availability of carbohydrates. I have had to settle with the highest levels of protein and fat I could find, while it has a significant portion of carbohydrates, so it can bake into kibble food.

I use two or three different brands of dog food that are high quality, and I mix them up in one food. Sparky gets variety by using several brands. One or two of the brands uses fish as the primary source of protein. Fish is higher in fats, which slows the body’s process of inflammation. That is the topic of another post! He gets the healthy habits I discover for him, and I give him the best dog food I can locate now. I keep looking. 

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