Hello – I’m Brent Calhoun. I am a veterinarian. I had 2 strokes in 2010. I have weakness of the right side of my body and I have aphasia. You may notice it in my voice. It won’t bother me if it doesn’t bother you! 

I want to tell you about one of the less-known chapters of my life. After the strokes, part of me drowned in pity. I put on my happy face much of the time when I would go out. Mix in my natural introversion and I disappeared from much of my life for almost ten years.

I still attend a monthly meeting of veterinarians. One of my colleagues has a lifestyle podcast. She bugged me for months to be her guest. Finally, I caved in & I was on her show in April of 2021. It was fun. I came to grips with what had happened to me. I realize that my life has been changed forever, but I can have fun & be seen by others. More importantly, I found out that I can help other stroke patients and their loved ones.  I love it & I support other people.

If you like it, share this post with others that are fighting with their stroke & disappearing from the outside world. I will love it if you leave your comments about this piece. To your success!

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