Answers for the important dreams will come to you!

At some point in the first year after I had the strokes, I knew that I was going to have an issue trimming the fingernails on my non-affected hand. I did not want to depend upon another person to trim my nails. Do you have the same dilemma as I did?

There are many predicaments we find ourselves after we had a stroke. Maybe it is sometimes simple. Other times, it’s more drawn out or complicated. I stewed on this question that I posed to you. I finally hit upon a relatively low-cost solution. You can do the same answer I have done.

Hold on…would you PLEEAASSEE leave me a comment below? I would be ever so thankful to you!…Now back to my description. 

Go to & look up a small vise. I found one like the QWORK 3″ Universal Tabletop Clamp Vice. It tilts & rotates 360°. It is a portable workbench vise for drilling, woodworking, jewelry making, mental working (and filing your nails!). At the time of this writing (December 2021), it retails USD$21.00. Then I went to a department store and bought a metal nail file. It cost about USD$2.00. Total out of my pocket was ~$23.00. That is what I did.

Then I found a sturdy tabletop that had a sufficient lip which I clamped the vise. Then I positioned the metal nail file and tighten it in the vise. Viola! I had a way I could file the fingernails of my non-affected hand. Easy, peasy.

About every one or two weeks, I file my nails. The real truth was this act was part of stopping a 50+ year bad habit of biting my nails. That’s the topic of a future post! When you decide to fix something and you decide you ARE going to do it, your answer comes to you. Keep holding on to your dreams. Answers for the important dreams will come to you!

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