What creative way with one hand are you opening a jar?

There are many gadgets that you want to use them for the purpose that it is designed. I attempt to learn to do many things with my affected hand and arm. I adapt my body so I can do it without the adaptive device. For example, I learned how to use a normal can opener. Then the automatic opener didn’t have a chance. It stays in the cupboard getting old without being used!

I always attempt to use my God-given equipment (my two hands, for example) first. But I will look at other options. One device I bought was The Single Hand Under Cabinet Jar Opener-Easy To Use. You can buy it for approximately USD$13 at the time I wrote this eBook (December 2021). 

When I looked at what I would have to do to install it, I realized it would be a big deal. I would need to get one of my two children or my wife to install it. When I would ask one of them to do anything out of the ordinary like this project, they will help me if I really need some help. 

You can open a jar with the utensil, appliance, or tool. There is an appliance by Hamilton Beach called the Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener. Believe it! It is easy to use when you have only one hand. 

All you have to do is place it on top, press the button and voila! You will never know that jars cannot be opened ever again. It cost around USD$35 at the time of writing (December 2021). There are other tools and utensils you can buy. You can even use duct tape to open a jar. 

Now, I open jars in at least three ways. First, I attempt to open with my affected hand holding the lid and my non-affected hand holding the jar. As long as I can exert little to medium pressure, I can open the jar. Second, I will open a jar holding the main body of the jar in between my knees. Then I will hold on to the lid with my non-affected hand. Often, either of these two methods will do the trick.

Finally, the third way is cheating. I ask one of the family members to hold the body of the jar and I open it with my non-affected hand on the lid. Or I ask my boys to open the jar! That works!

How are you opening your jars when you have only one hand that is functional? Let me know what you do. We can all learn new ways to get through our days. It is important to know when we have less than the “standard equipment,” we will fly to new heights!

Thank you! To your success!









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