When you are getting a slice of bread or a roll-out of the bag it came in, what to deal with closing the bag. How do you do it with only 1 hand that you can do the job? Or, you just have your mouth is doing the trick because your hands are not there, or they do not work “normally?” I imagine most of you have a left and a right hand working just fine. I had 2 strokes and my affected (right) hand is not working “properly” yet.

It’s a bit of a challenge, but I will untie or open the bread bag (or something like it) with the closure it was bought with it. Whew!

Then I take a clothespin and I shut the bag with it. It is easier to open up a bag closed with this method. You can use a chip clip as well, but we usually have lots of wooden clothespins lying around in the kitchen.

Try it, especially if you have difficulties with a bag that came with a twist tie or a plastic clip.

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