Awaken your purpose!

When the whirlwind of the stroke finally calms down, and you are back at your home, what do you do next? That was a great question I needed to answer in the first year after the strokes happened. I knew that I had to keep focusing on getting better from the strokes, but what else. 

What is next for you? You can feel bad, sad, or mad. I did and sometimes still feel them one at a time or all at once. Luckily, it doesn’t last for very long. You can feel the same and feel worse. You need to know that there is a reason the Universe or your God has you alive after the stroke. 

Hark…hark! My YouTube channel is renamed. Go to thestrokerecoverycircle. You can visit my Facebook group of the same name. Back to the main message.

I was the Hospital Administrator and a part-owner of a large specialty and emergency veterinary company. I couldn’t believe that I got paid to do the work I loved. I had it made until the strokes totally disrupted me, my family, and my partners. After the whirlwind calmed down, I tried for a year to contribute to the company. I didn’t have the stamina I and the company needed, so I retired.

For over 11 years since the strokes, I was living without my new purpose. The veterinary chapter was closed. But what? Do you ever wonder about the same feelings? Earlier this year, I grasped that my obstacles and challenges were just an excuse.  Like a big awakening, I realized that I needed to lean into the aphasia and the differently-abled body that I have been given.   

Since this summer, I have been working with stroke thrivors and their loved ones to be more successful. Stroke thrivors are stroke survivors who thrive. This work is so rewarding. 

I’d love to work with you or someone you know who had a stroke and needs some direction. I have developed some programs that can awaken the purpose. It is just waiting to be stirred! Comment me below if you want to “talk” further, or DM me. 

Thank you! To your success!










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