Make sure of your caregiver’s well-being!

While we are in the season of being grateful, be sure and include your caregivers on your list to say and think “thank you.”

For some, this role is new. For others, they have been caring for you for years. The caregiver may feel guilt, anger, or sadness. They may feel lonely and resent her or his role. The caregiver may worry that she or he is not doing the right things. They can have some or all of these sentiments.  

Taking care of someone else can be stressful. Caregivers often sacrifice their own well-being to provide care for their loved ones. The stress of caregiving can cause headaches and chronic neck and back pain. It can affect thoughts and feelings, leading to depression. Caregiving stress can cause serious health problems.

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Most caregivers have serious emotions from time to time. The stress of caregiving may be overwhelming and affect the care you get. The caregiver must take care of herself or himself. You must pay attention to how caregiving is affecting your support team. Talk to your caregivers about these feelings. It will make them better caregivers. Here are some steps that your caregivers can do:

  1. Put taking care of your caregivers at the top of your list – Eat right, exercise, and sleep well should be on the top of their list. 
  2. Make sure they ask for help – Take on only what they can manage. Don’t try to do everything by themselves. Be prepared with a mental list of ways other people can help.
  3. Find time for themselves – Do they accept breaks from caregiving? Are things the caretakers enjoy? Do they go for walks or visit their friends? Are they taking yoga or relaxation classes? How about getting a massage. Make sure they treat themselves to special outings on a regular basis.
  4. Laugh and have fun – Joke with your loved one. Laugh out loud. Read a funny book. Watch a funny movie or a comedy on TV. Ensure the caretaker is doing something they can laugh at!

Although providing care for you may feel all-consuming to your caregivers, remember they need to have their own life to avoid caregiver burnout. Be sure to cheer their efforts to care for themselves first!

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