Learn from my “mis-takes!”

When we do not walk, we lose our independence. We worry about falling when we walk. Are you worried about falling? Did you know that stroke patients have a 70% chance of falling in the first year after their strokes? I fell down 10 months after the strokes.

After the stroke, we have reduced fitness levels. It’s about half the normal levels. It takes more energy to walk; if we can walk. For us stroke patients, it takes about double the energy than it takes people who haven’t suffered a stroke. It’s because of the abnormal nervous system connections stroke patients have. Yuck!

It was after I read an excellent book about stroke recovery. It is called Stronger After Stroke by Peter G. Levine. In it, Peter says that when we use an AFO, we stay weak in our ankle and leg muscles. I manage my drop foot with an AFO, or splint. 

He cautions about making any changes until you have a discussion with your health professionals. I took off my AFO & wore some heavy shoes. I fell. It was not pretty and I sprained my affected ankle. I did it because I didn’t listen to my wife’s and my doctor’s advice. So you can learn from my “mis-takes!”

Your job is to be the 30% of stroke patients who remain walking. Be alert when you walk. But keep walking if it is possible for you. Our independence hinges on it!

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