Your life is important and something will live beyond you

Do you know someone who is “famous” and died from a stroke? Six presidents of the United States of America, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin were some people on this long list who had a stroke. 

Actor Charlie Chaplin and actress Grace Kelly, scientists, professional athletes, and the Irish author Bram Stoker who wrote Dracula all had a strokeAnne Rice wrote Interview With The Vampire in 1976, died of a stroke recently (December 2021).

We cannot get away from reading or watching the news of another who succumbs to a stroke every week. Your stroke may not have gotten you in the news, but it is still important. Remember that worldwide, almost 60% live their stroke. That means that you are alive today! 

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In 1997, Rice went on to pen the screenplay for Tom Cruise’s movie of the same name as her book. Rice was an American author of gothic fiction, erotic literature, and Christian literature. Her books were used to make movies, television, theater, and comic books.

Though she lived to 80 years young when she died, her works will entertain people for generations. Know, you have something to live beyond your life. You know what it is. Live each day as it going to be your last! Then, if you are given the gift of the next day, you will be thankful.

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