The one skill which is valued whether you had a stroke or not is FOCUS! However, a stroke can affect the way your brain understands, organizes, and stores new information. Sometimes new is something you once knew.  The severity and localization of the stroke will determine the level of difficulties experienced, which varies from person to person. You can improve your level of focus by following these steps.

  • Writing down your appointments and creating to-do lists can help you to remember & focus.
  • Make notes of important conversations.
  • Set alarms, reminders, and memos to remind you to focus throughout the day.

These actions help you to reduce distractions. We are bombarded by a constant flow of information during the process of doing something. Scientists have found that our brains are so primed for this distraction. For example, just seeing our smartphone impairs our ability to focus. We constantly assess whether the information is useful, sufficient, or meaningless. The sheer quantity coming in muddles our assessment of whether we actually need more information to make decisions.

This skill of focus will make you smart or dumb. By following these tips and avoiding distractions, you will be on your way to focus!

Have you been focusing more than normal? Do you concentrate on a task often? Are you practicing focus as a skill?

I’m reading a book called “Limitless,” by Jim Kwik. He points out how our focus is in a race with our distraction and “multitasking.”

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Trouble Focusing

We decide what we are going to exercise like a muscle. When we check out what’s latest with our social media, our emails, or our phones, we get superior at what we don’t want.

Whatever we do, it gets better and stronger.  What are you going to do more, focus or distract?

If you want to improve your focus, then you have to focus more each day.

If you had a stroke, it can seem impossible to focus. I know. After the strokes hit me, it was hard to concentrate for some time. The aphasia added a layer to concentrate.

Difficulty to talk made discussing with others tough. It is easier to answer with a text or an email. What’s your situation?

The secret is that you can focus, it just is very hard at first. The great tip I am using is to imagine a bright light where I focus. When I talk with my friend, I imagine I am bathing her or him in the light. If the light goes away, I just return it to my friend. Not easy, but simple to follow.

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Keep trying. Your focus will get better!

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