There are treatments that are developed and new!

I was chiming in the posts and comments among the Stroke groups on Facebook. One person posted “Hello – has there any treatment out there that has the most promising technology to help me regain my body before my stroke? I’m desperate!”  She wanted to be healed NOW!

My heart goes out to her. I will read this kind of comment from time to time. I would like to blink my eyes like Jeannie from ‘I Dream of Jeannie.” It was a story where an astronaut Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) finds Jeannie (Barbara Eden) after a flight that crashes on a deserted beach next to the ocean. Jeannie is a beautiful, blond genie in a bottle and is 2000-years young! She turns out to be very innocent in demeanor and is dedicated to her new master. She blinks and it happens!

Blink, blink! Would you do me a favor, and please put your comment below? Pretty please. Blink, blink…back to the post.

There are treatments that are developed and new. These are already here or in development. Such as,,, for MusicGlove & others,, IpsiHand system &, early virtual rehabilitation &, vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) &, and & their hand device & foot device. Check out their websites.

Other therapies have to be developed or are in the early stages and show promise. These include monoclonal antibiotics, brain-computer interfaces, virtual rehabilitation, engineered stem cells, and robotics. Hold your breath. It is amazing what is coming down the pipe. You can explore the topics. I’ll blow your mind!

I want to be healed now too. Most stroke warriors want the same. Until that point, I will keep using the principles I know like use it or lose it. You will have to do it, too. 

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