I worship books, magazines, newsletters, and more to read. I have loved reading all my life!

I love reading personal development. I love science fiction. I love reading about psychology and communications. I love reading about leadership. I love to read great thrillers. Especially right before I go to sleep. Sometimes, I stay in bed when I wake up and I read. I love to read what fills my head and heart.  Often, I fantasize that I could read for weeks on end. It wouldn’t really jibe with my other passions.

Reading lets me go away far as I dream what I can be in the future. I will invent products and services to help others. I imagine the answers to big questions that are before us. Does it have the same effect on you? 

We know that by being curious and exploring our hunger for reading, we’ll develop future products and services. I read a newsletter about the future and abundance. It continually blows my mind how quickly the future is just around the corner. The frontiers are opened up of us!

What do you like to read? For what purpose? Let us know in the comments. Your feedback is very important. To your success!

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