Reclaiming your brain after a stroke means focusing on what you can!

After you had your stroke, lots of things in your body were all mixed up. I imagine that you got things right away within the first few weeks, in the first year, or you’re still trying to get parts of your body straightened out. I know I did. 

There are sections of my body that works now, other slices that took some time to get it working properly, or parts that are still not working well after almost 12 years after the strokes (in December 2021). I heard about Bill Gasiamis. He lives in Australia and managed to heal from 3 strokes and learned to thrive and went on to have a “normal” life.

Bill Gasiamis is a stroke survivor, par excellence. He is a podcaster about the topic of strokes. He has about 170 episodes to his credit. Furthermore, he is an educator and a speaker. He coaches other stroke patients through their recovery. I know I will learn more from him. I haven’t met him yet, but some day in the near future, I will meet him in person. 

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Bill said, “Reclaiming your brain after a stroke involves acknowledging that there may be some parts you cannot control. Instead, focus on areas which you can control, heal, and improve on.”

He isn’t kidding! When you spend your time and effort on what you can influence, life gets a little more successful! When I read his path, I was amazed. He is passionate about stroke recovery. 

He was fed up with the lack of help he received when discharged from the hospital. That is why he created an online stroke community for other survivors and their caregivers. He uses strategies he discovered, and he was able to surprise his doctors and occupational therapists with the speed of his recovery. Check out his website at

Whether you stumble through your stroke recovery or you get someone like me how has been through some ups and downs, it is a journey. Take the right attitude, and you will be all right!

Thank you! To your success!








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