Did you know that I score a perfect bull eye! Yes, I do. I had 2 strokes in 2010 and one of them took out my speech center. It is called expressive aphasia. It means I know what I want to say, but I have difficulty saying what’s in my brain. 

I’m naturally an introvert. I was told that I scored an expressive introvert before the strokes. I liked to talk for a period, then I go somewhere by myself to get recharged. An extrovert goes with other people to get recharged. Big difference!

I had a big pity party for over 11 years until earlier in 2021. Then I finally gave in to a veterinary colleague to be on her podcast as a guest. I told my story about the strokes and I had A BLAST! I was on fire. She had fun, too. You can visit Dr. Julie Cappel’s website at www.juliecappel.com and learn about her personal life coaching programs.

If you would like to listen to her podcast featuring moi (French for me), here is her link. Julie is a dynamo! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/conversation-with-dr-brent-calhoun/id1451549730?i=1000471501031

Because of mainly this experience, I realized that I have more to give to others, especially stroke thivors and their loved ones. I’ve been helping stroke warriors for the last 6 months, and it is VERY rewarding!

If you have been in the shadows and are ready to help others, leave a superhero emoji (or at least a ?)!

Thank you!                            To your success!

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