Do you hear what I said or see what I showed you? Have you ever felt what I mean?

You know…the VAK model? What am I talking about? 

The VAK learning style model is a trouble-free way to describe and know these 3 learning styles. It was first developed in the 1920’s. Walter Burk Barbe’s research, with his associates, noticed persons revealed about 30% visual strength, 30% mixed strengths, 25% auditory with 15% kinesthetic (Barbe & Milone, 1981). It was popularized by Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The NLP training.

This model says that everybody’s learning type is a combo of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic signals. What do I mean by these styles? It’s easiest to demonstrate.

The Visual Style – Picture, Shape, Visual media, Displays

The Auditory Type – Listening, Rhymes/chants, Tones, Summary/repetition 

The Kinesthetic Mode – Body movements, Gestures, Tactile, Manipulating objects 

Not a single variety is better than the others. Each individual prefers one of the styles, but they use all of them. Each person unites many signs with their learning preferences, strengths, and the condition coming. Remember, learners move toward a dominant and a single style in the long run.   

Traditional concepts look at major learning styles that vary as the human being gets older. During pre-school and elementary school, learning follows kinesthetic markers. In middle school, the type becomes visual. In high school, university, and adulthood, the auditory way dominates.

The VAK learning styles model gives a straightforward scaffolding for measuring someone’s favored learning type. Using this knowledge, learning routines and practices can be planned to the specific requirements of the person.

In a multiple choice quiz, ask yourself will you most easily remember directions when you:  

A – Repeat them to yourself as you hear them 

B – Visualize them 

C – Intuitively sense how to get there

So the next time you want to learn and conjure up something you already know, ask yourself, do you prefer a visual style, an auditory type, or a kinesthetic quality? Keep checking in with yourself and in due course, you will get your style. 

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