It is vital to have a daily routine!

Wait a minute…Happy New Year! Make each day your new year. I do.

What habits do you have each day? Each morning, I mean. Does it have a bigger purpose that you decide? I planned long ago what outcomes I wanted and chose the items I wanted to do every day. For my spiritual, health, family, and financial goodness. What is yours?

Almost every day, I start my day with habits that will help me achieve more. Here are three items that make up my daily patterns. Let dig into the details.

Right after I get up and use the bathroom, I drink 20 ounces of room temperature water. I know I am partially dehydrated. I didn’t drink any fluids since I went to sleep hours and hours ago. I have filtered water ready to drink when I go to sleep. I have the water be room temperature so it is closer to my body temperature. Cold water may taste better and be more refreshing, but I want it to be closer to my body temperature. It takes less energy to warm it up. At body temperature, it can go to work in your body doing a zillion processes.

The next thing I do on my morning ritual is to take my medications and supplements. Soon after the strokes and I was home, I knew I needed to take them twice a day to prevent further strokes. I am on two blood thinners so to minimize clots forming again. Clots equal strokes. I don’t want to defy the odds any more than I did when I lived through two strokes. By having the  7 Day pillbox, it is a visual reminder to take them twice a day. 

The last item in this post that I do every morning is journaling. I write about what is on my mind. My family. My friends. My goals. My business challenges and victories. I write about other things that are in my head on paper. 

I’m usually feeding my mind by reading a short segment of 1 or 2 books that I am reading. One is often a spiritual book and one is usually a personal development book. I write something because one or two of the books that I read, excites me. I can write anything important in my journal.

Dean Graziosi, a marketing & self-knowledge guru, taught me about outcome journaling. It is a powerful workout that I do every day. Whatever the way you capture your thoughts on paper, do it regularly. It makes all the difference to you!

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