Are you frustrated? How about are you sick of living for the foreseeable future? From time to time, I will think I am done; Feel like quitting; I’m through.

But then I think or feel, what’s next? I am not afraid of dying. I imagine all the others that “depend” on me. At least, they would be sad if I was gone.

Sort of like in the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life,” James Stewart plays George Bailey. He is frustrated because he has big dreams, but he is always helping his community of Bedford Falls. He feels life is passing him by. Eventually, due to difficulties in keeping his dad’s (now it is his) building and loan company solvent, he says he wishes he was never born.

With the help of his guardian angel Clarence, George finds out how many people he has touched by his life. In the end, he realized how blessed he is!

Do you know, regardless of your situation, you are important, and you matter? Keep On, Keeping On! Do it, at least, today. Then you can decide tomorrow!

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