I’m grateful that I am home and eat my “normal” food. That is after 5 weeks of eating what some call the Standard American Diet (SAD). Maybe you should pay attention to what I am going to say.

When I was in the hospital, I told the doctor that I was confused. The hospital professed that they wanted me to heal fast. Why would the hospital put me in a “carbohydrates overload” most of the time?

I have researched papers over the past 5+ years, and it says that if I eat a carbohydrates heavy diet, I would be “feeding” inflammation. It says that when food favors carbohydrates, it contributes to the inflammatory process. It is carbohydrates is putting fuel on the inflammatory fire.

For example, I was given Ensure Plus in almost every meal. When I would read the ingredients, it had 45 grams of carbohydrates. I drank it because I needed the calories and the liquid. I didn’t have other choices.

Now I eat a diet that is heavy in healthy fats & proteins (and lean on carbohydrates). Olive oil, coconut oil, lard, palm oil, butter, tallow, avocado oil, bacon grease, and duck fat are what I mean healthy fats. Make sure that the animal fats are from animals that are naturally fed. I expect that the inflammatory process has been cooled. My healing has taken off. I noticed that I am walking better since I have been home!

Do you agree? Then give a ? in the comments below!

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