This is the choice that you make constantly.

Huh? What do I mean? Sometimes we try a new way or thing. Am I going to go for a 15-minute walk, or am I going to watch another episode of my favorite show? But wait, can you be honest and say to yourself there is another choice?

When I choose words to express myself, I have decided one thing. There are only two choices I have when I need to do something: to do it or not to do it. Simple and difficult at times. I hear Yoda (a Star War character of fame) say, “Do or do not. There is no try.” 

I do remember this quote throughout my day. Constantly. This option is important when I choose. You can do this exercise for a day or a week. To do or not to do. Find that it opens up possibilities when you are more honest with yourself and others! 

Let me know your experience with this exercise below in the comments. 

If you had a stroke or had a loved one who have a stroke, I have a group training tomorrow. I will be talking about our attitudes and what we can do if we want to change it. It’s on November 29th, at 5 PM ET. That is on the last Monday of each month. Go to my website, for more news about it.

You can go to my YouTube channel ( There you can view my other videos about my life after (and before) the stroke.  I challenge you!

Thank you. To your success!








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