An elephant recollects everything!

When you want to remember a new idea, can you? Does it slip through your mind and it is lost? After the strokes, I will have problems with a new or idea that I want to hold on it. Take my advice and try these tips to help your memory. They help me!

1. Get better sleep – try to go to sleep and get up around the same time, seven days a week. Quality sleep triggers changes in your brain that solidify memories.

2. Less sitting, more moving – numerous studies show you will have better blood flow associated with memories just by moving. Go for a half-hour walk every day outside with your dog. You help your memories in several ways!

3. Stay social – maintaining a social circle is important to your memory. The repetitive nature of having lunch the same day is crucial to your memory abilities. In a study out of the University College London in the United Kingdom, researchers had subjects outlining their social activity while assessing their cognitive abilities through a myriad of memory, fluency and reasoning tests. The results of the study indicated that more frequent contact with friends had a strong correlation with a lower risk of dementia. (and after a stroke)

4. Listen while you read – in a study, it was found that subjects that just read the book and were compared to other subjects that read the book while listening to the same book, far outscored the subjects who just read the book. When we stimulate our brains, they retain more!

5. Seek novelty – when you do something new and unique, your brain has to work harder and less efficiently at first. When you try a new route, a new restaurant, or take a new route on your walk, you will learn new pathways in your brain and you’ll reinforce new memories.

These new approaches to the same old, same old are like magic. If you try them consistently, you will find you retain new ideas and gain more of your memory!


Come on back for tips, methods, or skills for dealing with a stroke and other fun stuff!!!

Thank you! To your success!











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