Have you wondered if you make something personal? How about, can you create something to be impersonal? Huh? What does it matter? It shifts your perspective and it is VERY significant. Let’s explore…

Maybe you have heard me or read something I wrote. I refer to the strokes instead of my strokes. Typically, when people are describing her or his stroke; my stroke. If you are listening to me or reading my stuff closely, maybe you have noticed the difference. The articles (the, a, my, etc.) are important in crafting something personal or impersonal. 

Wait a second…perhaps three or more. Would you please place a comment below? I would be ever grateful! Now back to the post…

How I regard the incident when I had the strokes? Is it personal, or do I chose to mark it impersonal? Unless it is very important to me, when I will make it personal. I refer to something in my past happened to me, it doesn’t create me. 

I combine the choice of the article (“the” or “my”) with the reference of close (personal) or distant (impersonal). You could say that the stroke was very important. I settled long ago that I choose to make my story about the strokes to be in the past, distant, and impersonal. 

How are you telling your story about the stroke or your stroke? It is NOT your stroke. The stroke is bad juju! Create a powerful story which includes a part of your health. By mentioning the stroke, not your stroke, you are picking it has impersonal impact. You are going on to create a new story that is dominant. Select your tomorrow!

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