Words carry energy – choose the correct one!

When I was in my teens, I started to notice that certain words would flop or transmit force. At first, I would detect the response, not even realizing I had incredible power if I learned to choose which words I would use. Over time, I found that by using my words carefully, I would have a predictable reaction or feeling. Miraculous! Also, I could control the energy I had and others had. In turn, around me, the emotion came from the energy. The feelings and emotions are pure energy flow and information. The Latin root for the word emotion, ‘emotere’, means energy in motion.

The issue is that your habitual setting is to unconsciously choose your words to describe your emotions. When you experience stressful emotions, you unconsciously fall back on your habitual vocabulary. The words you attach to your experience become your experience. Simple! Words have a biochemical effect on the body. The minute you use a word like “unwanted,” you are going to produce a very different biochemical effect than if you say, “wanted.”

If you take these two words, ‘wanted’ or ‘unwanted,’ you find that you get a profound difference in yourself or others. Try it. Spot what happens. What occurs around you? Do others become alert for positive or negative feelings? If you want some shiny bling or a great parking spot, you are becoming more aware (positively) of those thingamajigs. Your energy level is amplified. Your emotions are peaked and you are moving toward your desired outcomes. 

Be more conscious of when you use ‘wanted’ and ‘unwanted.’ You will find that you apply ‘want’ more than you use ‘unwanted.’ Watch what is going to happen in your life. You will be astonished when you use ‘wanted’ more and you employ ‘unwanted’ less. The power of words will take off!

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