You have the opportunity to answer questions with either yes, no, or something different multiple times a day. Someone will ask you, “How are you doing today?” It seems an innocent question and you can answer without even feeling or thinking about it like “Good” or “Nice.” In the same manner, when asked something like “Are you in line,” you answer yes or no, depending on whether you are in the line to order your coffee or not. You do not have to think or feel deeply before answering.

Life, for most, has become an unconscious way that they live. When asked a question that needs you to say yes or no, do you consciously answer honestly? Starting right now, start using the words yes and no for purpose and with candor. It is important that people find you to sincere and direct. They want to know that you are a person with integrity who means what you say.

Tell the truth every time. Learn that when you say, “yes,” you indicate that you are 100% yes. The same is true if you say “no.” If you are unsure, say so. Do not say yes or no as a way to sugarcoat your feelings or avoid the bigger issues. If more people would use yes or no as the words are intended, more of our communication would be simpler. Do it today and let us know your response.

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