Scientists are looking at our stride through our shoes!

Could you imagine that you had a gadget in your shoes that keeps you on your healing path? What if you can see your progress every day? Every day on your phone your score would be there. For some of us, it would wonderful. For others of us, we don’t need to be reminded of our lack of headway. It is scary, but it is coming sooner than we conceive!

When I saw an article on Google News from the University of Delaware in the USA, I was blown away. Ms. Hanna Armstrong is investigating which parts of our foot should be measured with sensors in our shoes. Her main focus is to help people who face walking disabilities such as stroke patients. The patients can see if their activities are helping them achieve a more normal gait with the device. I have a link to the piece.

There was a similar apparatus developed by some of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers students and members to help stroke warriors. They had presented a conference paper in 2010. Scientists have looked at our steps to help us get better for over a decade. 

Every day we are attempting to restore our pre-stroke condition. Researchers and inventors are bidding to make it easier for us to obtain our ideal health. Our vision and the experts’ vision are rapidly accelerating for each group to join together. We keep holding on to the dream!

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