I needed to stay in hospital until they found the cause for the strokes

My wife came in late Saturday morning or early afternoon. Connie shared my frustration about my situation and felt guilty that she was not here at the hospital when the second stroke had occurred. She was unsure what could be done to prevent a third stroke or my possible demise (sorry to be morbid, but it was a concern for all except me). She waited until two friends (a wife and her husband) came to the hospital a bit later on Saturday. 

The husband, Sam is a pharmacist and the wife, Heidi is in the Advertising business with Connie. They were both well connected with the local medical community. Connie asked for their help to find someone she could talk with and trust her or him. They struck out because many of their networks were on vacation.

My partners Dan and his wife, Laura (she is a veterinary cardiologist) came to visit me. Laura was concerned about my condition and she offered her help. Dan needed to find out where was my laptop because I had many of the vital files kept on my laptop. My wife handled his questions and agreed to help him get my computer (which was at our house). We had an excellent consultant to deal with the IT matters that went with our business. He was the administrator of our network and the computers. My laptop would be easy for him to access the files. Dan was relieved.

Many friends came by the hospital over the next several days. Connie was frazzled as she was juggling all the issues that she had on her plate. I, our boys and her feelings were on the top of her list. Also, she was attempting to be a hostess to the many people who came by to visit. Our nanny was still with the boys, but she was tired and wanted to go home. Connie just stuffed down her feelings for now. And I still did not know the cause of the strokes and for all I knew, it could cause the volcano to erupt any time!

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