What is the opposite of hard? Simple or easy or something else?

When I was early in my recovery, I realized that trying to quantify it was useless. If I want to walk again, I needed to do the plan that my therapists put before me. In hindsight, the plan was both simple and hard, not easy. I kept doing the tasks one after another until I could “walk.” I know I need to continue working on the plan towards “normal walking.” I’ve let off on obtaining the ideal because I can walk without assistance. 

How about you? Do you find that your recovery has stalled? Is it hard? Is it easy? The truth is that the path before us is simple. The issue is how we are going to respond. How are you going rescue what you lost in your stroke?

Merriman-Webster defines easy as involving little difficulty or discomfort or requiring little effort. Oxford defines simple as the fundamental and straightforward nature of something; definitely understood or done. The Cambridge Dictionary defines hard as difficult to understand, do, experience, or deal with. 

It’s great to understand the words. Alas, we have a choice. Are we going to take the path to our goal? If we are satisfied where we are, we are done. If we are going to maintain the status quo, it will be easy. If we are on the path to reclaiming the pieces we have been missing, it will be hard AND simple.

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