I never thought of this angle in our house.

When I had the strokes, we wanted to have a new perspective now that mine was radically changed. We needed to look at the mundane, everyday tasks and the structure of my life. We had to consider our house, around our house, and our cars with a new point of view. It blows my mind how I complete my shower now totally different from before the strokes.

I imagine the same process you had to do with your “new” life. We have to take a different outlook now that we had the stroke (or 2 or 3 or more). The way we navigate our houses. How we fix our dinners and eat them. Our bathrooms had to get a “make-over.” The list is long.

We had some major work done at our house two years after the strokes. My wife was picturing how I could go up the stairs to the second floor and she had an idea. Whether there is a 2 step staircase or a 15 step staircase to go up or down in the house, typically one railing is put up on one side of the stairs. Mostly on the right side of the stairs looking at the stairs from the first floor. It is a cost-saving move that we don’t question.

My affected side of the body is weak. I fancied that if I was depending on my affected arm or hand to stop me from falling down the stairs, the emergency personnel would have to scrape me off the bottom of the stairs! My wife said it would be easier for me to go up and down the staircase if we had the technician installed a railing on each side. Eureka! I agreed that the cost was small for safety and convenience. It was terrific that she had it done for me. Every time I go up or down, I say a silent thank you to my wife!

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