Recently I have realized that I had become “quiet” in the past 11+ years. That was when my life changed drastically because of the strokes I experienced. Before the strokes, I was a public speaker as well as my career as the Hospital Administrator of a large specialty and emergency veterinary hospital. 

Though I am an introvert, I learned from a colleague, that I was an extravert introvert. They call the category by many names. Some call it an “outgoing introvert” or “social” introvert. With the strokes, I was content to allow my introversion to dominate my personality. After repeated nudging by a colleague, I agreed to be a guest on her podcast earlier this year. I had fun in spite of my fears. Here is her link to the episode if you would like to listen. Julie is a dynamo!

You can visit Dr. Julie Cappel’s website at and learn about her personal life and weight coaching programs.

Since then, I am stretching my boundaries. I know now that others want to hear about my knowledge since I had the strokes. I am writing about the education I have received and what I have learned from the strokes. It has become a fulfilling experience. You can take the course when it is available as I “crow” about my learnings!

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