If you forgot something vital because of your stroke, read this post!

Do you neglect to take your medicine again? Have you overlooked that you were supposed to let out your dog and instead he peed on your living room rug? You could get rid of your dog and get a cat. Or you can learn about several ways to boost your memory. Over the last 11 + years I’ve been combating the side effect on my memory and, often I’ve been forgetting things I need to remember. 

Periodically, I will check out the website, Everyday Health. In it, I read an article about 8 ways I can get my memory back after the strokes shook me. I know that I have retrained my memory as I use some of the methods in the article. You can, too. There are some good tips in the piece and I encourage you to read them.

Because of the stroke, we had neurons die. To get better, we have to recruit other parts of the brain which was not affected. Then we train it to take on new functions. Now scientists know that the brain is continually changing throughout our entire lives. Neuroplasticity occurs by changing the connections between brain cells in the brain. You can improve the strength of one of your connections, increase or decrease the number of connections, or change the function of your connection. In some cases, neuroplasticity may also involve the creation of new neurons (a process known as neurogenesis). The source of neuroplasticity is to excite your brain.

The article discussed games and apps to fuel your brain. Checkers, backgammon, chess, card matching, Simon says, and board games such as Life, Monopoly, Rush Hour, or Candyland are excellent. There’s a boatload of apps to check out in the article. One of the games or apps seemed easy in the past, but we realize that we may be at a 6-year-old level. When we start where we are now, we can progress instead of giving up. It may be difficult, but it takes baby steps to improve.


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