Does the way you live your life makes a difference to someone?

Have you ever wondered the question, “How am I doing?” When you look back or examine your life since your stroke, is your life become more prominent or significant? Sometimes you believe that to be significant, you must be prominent. We need to step back and study what is prominent and what is significant so we can decide our answer to the original question.

Oxford dictionary says that prominence is “the state of being important or famous.” Merriman-Webster dictionary defines significance as “the quality of being worthy of attention; importance.” Do you notice that both definitions have importance in common? Are you important to someone else?

Stephen Mackey, a motivational speaker and coach, said that “we’ve bought into the lie that if something or someone is prominent, they must be significant. And that if someone can’t be significant without being prominent.” In one of his podcasts, he goes on to say “open up a celebrity gossip magazine to understand that prominent and significant don’t always go hand in hand.” Are you changing the world around you just a bit better?

Another point we should consider if we are caught up in the whirlwind around prominence and significance is brought up by Roger Crawford. He is deemed by Sports Illustrated as “One of the most accomplished, physically challenged athletes in history!” In spite of his differently able trait, he brings instant credibility and has the unique ability to connect and he lives a “no excuses” mindset every day. I had the opportunity a few years ago to see him speak and he is incredible. See him or hear him if you have the opportunity.

He says in one of his blog entries talking about the two characteristics, prominence and significance. He concludes that “(w)hat makes a person unforgettable is the impact they have made in the lives of others. My late friend Charlie Tremendous Jones used to say, “If your life does not make a difference, your absence won’t either!” It is a powerful statement. Be sure that you stay focused on the difference you make in others. Do something good. That will make you important.

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