When you imagine someone you love; your partner, your child, your parent, a dear friend, you feel wonderful all over. When you like someone, you will feel warm, but short of having the flood of wonderful feelings in your body or mind. 

When we feel love, it is a visceral sensation that fills our minds and body. You will go through a wall or jump tall buildings to help whatever for your loved one or to complete a task you love. You will do something for a person you like or at least, you will have warm feelings or thoughts in your mind or body. There is a distinct difference between feelings of love and like. I am challenging you to love more than you like, dislike, or even hate someone or something.

We need to ramp up our love. We feel better in spite of the other person or situation. Imagine when a coworker comes into your mind or presence, how do you feel? If it is not loving, imagine someone or something that you do love next to the coworker. Just right next to her, him or they (remember in these times, pronouns are essential). Imagine taking your love and cover the coworker with your feeling. Merge the two images. Amazing, but the feelings towards the coworker start to feel loving (at least it is better than before). Repeat this mental exercise two or three more times. 

We have great power in our minds IF we use it. Expand your circle of love. Every day. Do the exercise. Attempt it. You will feel better than you were!

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