When I go through my day, I get to “listen” to lots of conversations. Conversations on the radio. People conversing in books or podcasts. “Talking” with her or his audience on the blogs, articles, or blips on the Internet. I notice that the large majority of people mostly use the phrase “I have to…” I have to go to work. I have to go home. I have to go to the grocery store. I have to call my friend. The issue that I find is that these folks do not feel they have any choice in what they are going to do.

Instead, if she or he gets to do something, the world is opened up. There is a feeling of gratitude that enters the person’s life. By exercising a choice, you see that you can decide from a wide range of possibilities. Just by saying “I get to make my family dinner” or “I get to drive my car.” The word “get” opens yourself that you can provide food for your family or that you can drive (that you are physically possible to drive) a car (that is better than walking). Either of those statements gives you the gratefulness that you can do the task. It could be worse.

So next time you hear yourself say “I have to…” know that you have a choice and feel grateful for the choices that you have. You could be using something different than what you feel you need to… Give yourself the option that you get to do it and that can be grateful. Isn’t get the way to go?

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