It is essential to fight to negative spinoffs of sitting!

I love reading the blog from It started as a free app that I track what items I eat and drink every day for the past 7 years. I can even follow my exercises if I want. After the harmful leftovers from the strokes, I need to find every advantage I can. The website has more information that helps. Check it out! 

A recent story told about how we spend way too much sitting on our behinds (it is the new smoking) and 8 ways we can combat the effects of sitting. It found that a recent research paper “looked at how interrupting sitting with movement impacts fasting glucose and glycemic variability.” Fasting glucose means the measuring of your blood sugar when you haven’t eaten or drunk anything for 8 hours. Glycemic variability is calculating the changes in your blood sugar over hours or days.  If you have found that in the aftermath of your stroke you are sitting more than you would like, read on!

You can read all eight ways that you can resist the slow decline of excessive sitting. Two tasks that I want to highlight are checking your mail and go up and down steps. They are simple and easy. I love that you can combine the two activities at one time. You may need to make the tasks harder or easier depending on your condition or the situation. The site recommends at least doing the job for at least three minutes every half-hour.

My mom lives in an assisted living apartment and she uses a walker. To get her dinner or to pick up her mail, she has to walk some distance. Some days it really taxes her. Other days it is easier. The important fact is that she does it most days. The same is true for you. If you are wheelchair-bound, you can arrange the mail-getting task to be interesting. If you can manage steps, then you can decide how many steps are challenging to you every day and commit to doing it. The benefits are to infuse your day with movement. Do it and after a week you notice the difference!


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