Do you have the blues?

 Do you ever wonder, what is the purpose of your life, especially after your stroke? I do occasionally. I find that every once in and while I feel down and out. I use the H-A-L-T. I am not hungry. I am not angry. I am not lonely. I am not tired. I am not sick. I still feel unhappy. I can feel that if I let the mood, it will spiral down. If you feel like me, hang on and watch what tactics I use to boost my mood and you can too! 

Your emotions may be fragile. Wherever you are in handling your feelings, you can decide that you want to master your mind or your mind will be the master. It is that simple, not always easy. Our emotional state is dependent on three factors: our physiology or our physical body, our language patterns, and our focus. If you change only one factor, it will change the emotional state. You can change two or all three of the aspects. We’ll explore each component in some posts later. 

The first thing I do is notice. What was going on when I started to go south? Was I interacting with my loved one or someone? Was I driving? Was I using my computer? Was I doing something? Something or someone or some event was not going as I expected. I didn’t like it or I didn’t want it. When reality is happening, I can deal with or deny it. Instead of accepting it, I would get sad, mad, or scared. When I notice that this is going on, I mentally say “STOP!” Then I will take three deep breaths. Then I focus on someone, something, or an event I am grateful. That it. The 4 step process. Try it.

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