My nanny had her hands full with my two boys, Nico at age 5 years young and Carlos was almost 8 years young. She was dealing with them when Connie, my wife, got home from work. She was surprised, but plowed into getting Carlos ready for his violin recital at his middle school and did not ask me many questions why I was home. That was great because I didn’t want to focus on me. It was Carlos’ night!

We all decided to drive separately: our nanny and Nico, Connie and Carlos, and me and the video camera to capture Carlos and many of other students who were also performing at the concert. With three vehicles we had to be early to get a parking spot. I got my seat on the floor level and in the front so I could get some great video coverage.

The concert was outstanding. With it over, we said goodbye to our nanny. Amidst all the people congratulating students and seeing and talking to others that they knew, Connie decided she would take the boys to get an ice cream cone. I was tired and said I would go home. On the way home, I decided to stop at the local library and get some DVD’s (that was SO long ago). I didn’t tell Connie because I figured I would be home before her.

When I didn’t realize it had taken me longer than I thought. She had beat me home and she called me on my cellphone. She asked me a simple and logical question: where was I? When I attempted to answer, I realized that I had a problem. I could say the words that I wanted to say in my mind, but my muscles wouldn’t cooperate. I could not make any words from my mouth.

My wife in a very successful advertising career as a producer. She shifted into putting on her producer hat. She sensed I could not answer her question as she asks me. She started to “play” 20 Questions.

She asked if I was at the grocery store. Thank goodness I could say so yes and no. I said “no” to her question if I was at the grocery store. She continued to ask me questions where I was. Was I at the drug store? Was I at pizza place? Was I getting a coffee? She asking her questions continuing through the logical places. Was I at the library? ”Yes” I said excited. I was happy that I had communicated a vital piece of information.

She sighed a sense of relief. She said I should come home and we would figure what happened together. I was 50 years young and I was in great condition. We would find that it was an event that had happened to me that we never figured in a million years.


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